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My name is Dave Randolph and I have over 15 years experience teaching safe and effective kettlebell use. I have been certified by IKFF,RKC, AKC, KBA, and I'm the author of the Ultimate Kettlebell Workbook, Spartan Warrior Workout, The Ultimate Guide to Olympic Weightlifting and Action Movie Hero workouts. 

I also earned the rank of CMS Level I in Kettlebell Sport​

I’ve taught thousands of people how to use kettlebells safely and effectively to get them stronger, more athletic, lose fat, build muscle and increase endurance.

Kettlebell Workshops or Private Sessions

Course Details:

This 6 hour course teaches kettlebell fundamentals. It covers the benefits behind kettlebell training with foundational movements that can be progressed and regressed for clients and athletes of all levels. You will also learn how to use the kettlebell to get a dynamic full body workout.

The Workshop is 6 hour course done in 1 day. If you choose to do Private sessions the material will be broken down in to 6 1 hour segments. In each segment we will do a review of what you have learned, then we will cover another set of lifts.

At the end of the course you will be able to:

• Correctly use kettlebell training modalities, in various environments

• Use the kettlebell to get a dynamic full body workout

• Clearly articulate the science and benefits behind kettlebell training

• Use Proper Breathing Techniques

COURSE MATERIALS: You will receive a copy of my book The Ultimate Kettlebell Workbook

COURSE LOCATION: IronBody Fitness, LLC 2508 Plantisde Dr | Louisville Ky|40299 | 502.267.6030

The Kettlebell Workshop is designed to ensure that you learn, observe, practice, and implement safe and effective kettlebell training techniques. This NOT a certification, you are not being taught to train others!

Our 6-hour nationally recognized kettlebell course includes personalized instruction, verbal and visual teaching cues to maximize safety and promote high quality movement.

The IronBody Fitness Kettlebell Workshop includes an extensive hands-on learning period to guarantee and solidify your ability to understand and implement kettlebell training methodology into a broad scheme of program design.

You should be prepared to train. There are a lot of exercises to cover and many, many reps to be done​ to hone your technique!

What You’ll Learn

  • Deadlifts Variations
  • Swing Variations
  • Clean Variations
  • Rows and Floor Presses
  • Windmill Variations
  • GetUps
  • Squat Variations
  • Press Variation
  • Proper Breathing
  • And Much More…

Are you:

  • A trainer interested in learning how to properly use kettlebells?
  • Are you a fitness enthusiast, Martial Artist, or play sports and want to learn to use kettlebells to improve your sports performance?

Contact us to see about setting up a workshop or private instruction.

Why Train with Kettlebells

Training with kettlebells, either as your main tool or as assistance work for other types of resistance training or Sport Specific training will do many things for your fitness, health and mobility:

  • Improve Explosive Power in the Hips
  • Learn how to absorb and re-direct force
  • Improve your conditioning and cardiovascular health
  • Increase grip strength – Especially important for BJJ players
  • Create a Stronger Core
  • Improve Shoulder Strength and Mobility
  • Get a total body workout in 30 minutes or less
  • Increase Rotational power for golfers, tennis players or anyone who needs to develop rotational power
  • Increase Hand Speed
  • Improve Coordination
  • Help “fix” a bad back or shoulders
  • And a LOT more…

You won’t get tree-swinging traps though…..

Who should take this Workshop

This workshop is designed for those who train regularly and want to learn how to use kettlebells the right way and how to incorporate them into their current training regimen.

While this is a beginner level course you should be in reasonable shape. You will be moving a lot, in different ways and doing hundreds of reps. I ave no doubt you will be sore after your first session.

 Contact me if you are interested in a workshop.

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